Healthy Conception and Pregnancy with SVA Protocols: A Testimonial


Its Thanksgiving and so we thought of taking this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Vaidya Mishra Ji and his SVA family. I have been a patient and student of Vaidya Mishra ji. I had been struggling with health issues for several years before I got introduced to SVA tradition under Divya Alter and then Dr Teitelbaum in New York/New Jersey. Destiny brought us to California and dished out the opportunity to come in touchimage2 picture_with_gauranga_for_vaidyaji_blog with Vaidya ji. We met him in December 2015 and had a pulse assessment. Vaidya ji tries to keep things simple. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience. It was quite evident that he knows how to customize the treatment protocol on individual basis. Though an expert on prescribing herbs he focused on the various other aspects namely mental and emotional and dietary aspects that would be essential for any treatment to work in my case. In couple of months I got to know that I had conceived which was no close to a miracle considering we were childless for 8 years of married life. We went to meet Vaidya ji for a followup. We were touched by his genuine humility attributing the hand of Divine. He also suggested that I should not travel thereafter and take phone consultation. Having Vaidya ji and  Dr Teitelbaum guiding me during pregnancy was a blessing. Due to my weak constitution it was a miracle that I conceived however if not for Vaidya ji and Dr T guidance it would have been tough times during pregnancy. Vaidya ji’s carefully guided me on simple home remedies, protocols avoiding overuse of any herbs that could adversely effect my pregnancy. I was not taking milk as I was prone to getting gestational diabetes. Vaidya suggested me to take Soma Cal for calcium supplement which really helped me.  Also using products like Cold and Cough formulation ensured a flu free pregnancy without taking any immunizations. Later when the baby was detected with Growth restriction, Dr Teitelbaum’s suggestion of taking Wild Amla berry for protein synthesis and probiotics did wonders and baby grew an amazing 1.25 pounds in last month. Due to small size of the baby the doctors were skeptical of natural pains and birth. Again Vaidya ji’s divine guidance a week before my due date using massage  protocol and prakrit transdermal cream did wonders and brought natural labor exactly on my due date. I was able to deliver a healthy baby boy at 2.5 Kg (5 lb and 11 oz).It is quite evident that Vaidya ji is blessed by Divine and his desire to spread SVA tradition to benefit others is bearing fruits in form of generating other qualified practitioners. Besides the quality of SVA products is remarkable. Thank you Vaidya ji and SVA Family. We are extremely grateful to the Divine for bringing us in touch with this bonafide Ayurvedic lineage in this age of hypocrisy .

With grateful heart,

Nidhi Asija, Karan Bajaj and Baby Gauranga


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