in memoriam

our beloved Vaidya left us on April 13, 2017.
He was as bright as a thousand suns,
playful like Krishna,
valiant like Rama,
cognizant as Brahma,
powerful like Shiva,
and an ocean of eternal bliss unfolding within the silence of Vishnu.
 “Vaidya Siromani,” the jewel of the crown, as Maharishis Mahesh Yogi fondly addressed him, healed us through his unsurpassable knowledge of the ayurvedic scriptures and his  mastery of scientific health literature. His gifts of the SVA lineage, including his unique unparalleled formulations, will forever stay with us. With his beautiful voice and soft presence, he every so gently guided us, consoled us, helped us, maintaining us in our dharmas.
Even as we remain bereft and unconsolable in our attempts to converse with him, our longing to see him, and engage with him, we know he now resides in the deepest recesses of our being, in our silent core. As the Bhagavad Gita reminds us “These bodies are known to have an end; the dweller in the body is eternal, imperishable, infinite” (Chapter 2, verse 18).
Our beloved Vaidya is ever present in his imperishable form,
ready to guide our steps, reminding us in his sweet voice,
 “don’t worry!”
His SVA legacy lives on not only within our hearts, but through the countless trained SVA practitioners, health experts, educators and therapists, who will continue his work, spreading the light of his healing knowledge and unique pranic formulations, to give us and maintain us always in more balance and bliss.
…we love you forever Vaidya Mishra… 

SVA Samadhi with Marma

Ashoka – Unique SVA Formulations

Magnesium Roll-On takes on “Charlie Horses”

“Dear Vaidya Mishra

I want to send a thank you note on behalf of my client Ani O.

She has been having very bad calf muscle cramps “Charlie horses” for a very long time.

Even when I start working on her face and finish facial marma, they would start again.

I suggested using Magnesium roll on.  She has been using it for the past two weeks.

Magnesium Roll-on

She was on a business trip and I haven’t seen her.  She came back yesterday looking so happy.  No more cramps for the past two weeks at all.  She can sleep great and she was able to go through the entire Reflexology session without any tweaking.


Sofia Ianovskaia”

Owner of Ayurvedic Insights



Sofia Ianovskaia

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Product rep.

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Get your Vit D, B12, Magnesium, ALA, Bio CoQ10 – Transdermally with SVA

How much Vit D is in one dose?

Question: My doctor wants me to take a vitamin D supplement for a deficiency but I can’t tolerate any of the internal supplements I have tried, so I would like to use a transdermal. I have used many of your transdermal creams and tolerate them well so I would like to try one of your transdermal Vitamin D products.  Can you please tell me how much Vitamin D is in one dose of your SVA Vit D Transdermal Creams and SVA Vit D Deodrant Roll-ons and how do I measure that dose?  My doctor wants me to know how much I am applying daily before approving it for my use.  Tracy K.

Vaidya Mishra:

Dear Tracy,

My SVA Vitamin D TD (transdermal cream) contains 3400 iu (International Units) of Vit D3 per gram.  This cream is based on an ancient formula from my family tradition used to treat severe cases of Vit D deficiency.  Of course, it contains herbs and other ingredients that deliver and facilitate the absorption of Vitamin D without exerting a load on the internal organs, especially the liver.  So when you use one gram of my transdermal cream, your body will be receiving 3400 IU of Vit D3.  For practical purposes, this amount approximately equals to 1/4 tsp. You can use a designated spoon/scooper to get an accurate amount each time you use it.

You may apply this cream and gently rub it on the pulse areas of both wrists. Alternately, you may apply it on your armpits.   The armpits’ area contain fatty glands that can facilitate the absorption of Vit D. This i one of the reasons I have also formulated a deodorant that contains Vit D.

When you are applying the Shea Butter base cream, be sure to ‘melt’ it by massaging it onto your skin, since it has a thicker consistency.

Measuring the exact dosage of the Vit D roll-on, in terms of Vit D content, is a little more challenging. I suggest you use the transdermal cream in addition to the deodorant. 

I have formulated both the cream and the roll-on with SVA herbal synergies so as to help support the natural synthesis of Vitamin D. This can be preferred over oral administration for many reasons, as you yourself mention in your question.  If you have an allergies to Vitamin D or Vitamin A,  please make sure to check with your medical physician before using this cream. 

Don’t forget, no amount of oral or transdermal supplementation can replace the best way to help support your body’s Vit D levels, which consists of a daily 15 minute exposure to sunlight, preferably in the morning, to the morning rising sun.

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