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our beloved Vaidya left us on April 13, 2017. He was as bright as a thousand suns, playful like Krishna, valiant like Rama, cognizant as Brahma, powerful like Shiva, and an ocean of eternal bliss unfolding within the silence of Vishnu.  "Vaidya Siromani," the jewel of the crown, as Maharishis Mahesh Yogi fondly addressed him, healed us through his unsurpassable knowledge of the ayurvedic scriptures and his  mastery of scientific health literature. His gifts of the SVA lineage, including his unique unparalleled formulations, will forever stay with us. With his beautiful voice and soft presence, he every so gently guided us, consoled us, helped us, maintaining us in our dharmas. Even as we remain bereft and unconsolable in our attempts to converse with him, our longing to see … [Read More]

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