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Beat the Heat with Wild Amla & Chyawanprash

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Sprouted Mung Medley to Beat the Summer Heat! A Quick & Delicious Summer Protein SVA Recipe

Still feeling too hot after several glasses of iced beverages, juicy fruits, ice-cream, a cold shower, and full-blast AC? Then you probably need (more) protein! When Summer is in full swing, pitta … [Read More]

Moringa – in your tea, as a soup, for your water, or in your soap!

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Case Study of “Everything Under the Sun” – with Video Testimonial

When presented with patients like this it is best to stop, take a breath, and remember what you are taught:  don’t get caught up in the names of the diseases.  This patient was diagnosed with 13 dis … [Read More]

SVA Community News from Coast to Coast & Canada

From the Northwest Institute of Ayurveda, Arcata CA, Traci Webb writes:  We enjoyed an amazing debut week together at the new SVA Ayurveda Culinary Academy in Arcata, California.  Students learned S … [Read More]

Diabetes with Concurrent Neuropathy – A Case History and Video Testimonial

This patient came to our clinic only two months ago  seeking remedies for his diabetes and neuropathy - this is an accompanying condition when the nerves in the extremeties (hands and feet) get numb … [Read More]

Why You Should NEVER Drink Water on an Empty Stomach BEFORE BREAKFAST!

Is it true that we drinking water on a fully empty stomach first thing in the morning, before breakfast, will improve your health by reducing bloating, flushing out toxins, cleansing your colon and … [Read More]

Memorial Day Sale

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Sleep Better with Vaidya’s Soma Nidra Unique Formulations – on sale this week on

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